Help Support the HBN Campaign For Transparency!

Bill Walsh | December 14, 2011

Your support over the years has helped the Healthy Building Network earn widespread recognition as the green building movement's leader in transparency, transforming the way products and materials are evaluated, and creating new incentives for reducing the use of unhealthy chemicals. Thank you!

I am writing today to ask you to continue your support for this vital work, and help us meet our goal of raising $20,000 by the end of the year. You can track our progress and even make your tax-deductable donation online at

Your contribution will allow us to continue these important leadership initiatives:

The Materials Research Collaborative. This year the MRC, a joint initiative with BuildingGreen, Inc., introduced a revolutionary new tool to the green building movement: the Health Product Declaration (HPD) Open Standard. The HPD is a standard format for reporting content and associated health information for individual building products and materials. In 2012, we will direct an effort with leading green building firms and product manufacturers to secure broad industry adoption of this vital transparency tool.

The Pharos Project. This year the Healthy Building Network launched Pharos v2 with a dramatically redesigned user interface, and increased research and collaboration capabilities. Firms and project teams can now easily access and use Pharos' comprehensive and independent evaluations of the environmental and health aspects of building products. The Pharos Project remains the best system available for obtaining and understanding the health and environmental hazards of building materials.

Healthy Building News and The Signal. We offer these widely-read electronic publications as free sources of news, information and analysis concerning green materials and related health issues. Your support helps get the word out!

Your tax-deductible contribution to the Healthy Building Network will ensure that there are strong, independent resources for evaluating green building products - today, tomorrow and far into the future. There are three ways for you to give:

Join our on-line fundraising drive and contribute via credit card at;

Pledge to give monthly using your credit card with our easy-to-use recurring donation option on the HBN website;

Send your check to Healthy Building Network, 2001 S Street, N.W., Suite 570, Washington, DC 20009.

Thank you for your support, and of course, please follow us throughout the year at and, and on Twitter (@HBNKnowBetter) and Facebook.