Pharos Helps EPA with Insulation Study

Tom Lent | August 27, 2010 | Announcements

This blog post, originally shared in the Pharos Signal, includes information about parts of Pharos that are no longer available. Please use it for historical reference and for the other useful information it contains.

Pharos is partnering with the EPA to insure that the insulation used in federal stimulus funded home weatherization programs is healthy and low in environmental impact. In a special project with EPA Region 9 and StopWaste, Pharos is surveying cellulose, fiberglass and cotton products to understand the current state of the industry on a variety of key parameters set by the EPA, including recycled content, indoor air quality, including application of the new residential emissions standards, and toxic content. Manufacturers interested in participating in the program are submitting information to Pharos which the EPA will use to evaluate products and modify standards.

Recent improvements in products are starting to show up in Pharos listings. For example, UltraTouch cotton insulation has switched its 85% recycled content from post industrial to entirely post-consumer recycled cotton, doubling its renewable material score. Watch for more news of the evolving state of blanket insulation as this project progresses.