Maximize Your Impact: Transformation Targets Will Help Prioritize Product Choices

Tom Lent | September 2018 | Newsletter

Confused by conflicting red lists? Unsure where to focus your limited project time while trying to choose healthier building materials or products? Help is on the way. This fall, HBN will be rolling out “Transformation Targets” to help you prioritize your efforts and make the greatest impact on your project and in the industry.

Unlike red lists––which may contain incomplete chemical hazard information and omit regrettable substitutions––Transformation Targets are product specific and identify chemical hazards where they’re most significant, such as alkylphenols in paint and flame retardants in furniture. By helping you avoid products that use major volumes of hazardous chemicals, your choices will make a bigger difference for the health of people and the planet.

Our Transformation Targets are made possible through the collaborative efforts of those asking for and providing HPDs (the standard specification for reporting the contents and associated health information for products used in the built environment). Thanks to the increasing number of HPDs, HBN researchers are now able to put together a more comprehensive picture of which hazardous chemicals are used most heavily in building products, and in which types of products they are concentrated. We can also identify specific Transformation Targets for products with ready alternatives on the market, and those for which more green chemistry or redesign work is needed to develop safer alternatives.

Learn more about HBN’s Transformation Targets
Watch this newsletter for announcements about our first Transformation Targets later this fall.

P.S. If you’ll be in Pittsburgh for the Living Product Expo, please join us for Healthy & Affordable Building Materials: Strategic Transformation Opportunities. In this workshop, you’ll learn  more about our Transformation Targets and how to leverage transparency data to enable product research, evaluation, and collaboration opportunities that scale affordable product innovation.

Thursday, September 13 at 3 pm.
(Track: Social Equity + Supply Chain)
David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, PA