HomeFree Campus: Online Classes for Selecting Healthier, Affordable Products

HBN | April 2019 | Newsletter

Are you constructing or remodeling a space and want to learn why and how to select healthier products? Healthy Building Network is excited to announce the launch of the HomeFree Campus, an online education resource that provides simple, science-based information that can help you select affordable, healthier materials. 

Learning with HomeFree will support you and your team in the following ways:

  • Building core awareness and understanding — why do healthy materials matter for you, your residents, installers, and the environment?
  • Providing guidance for selecting healthier building products; know what to ask.

Dynamic courses with interactive lessons encourage a self-paced and self-directed structure that allows you to learn at times that are most convenient for you, and to select course topics that are relevant for your team. New courses will be added throughout the year — so start now and be the first to benefit!

The online classes leverage HomeFree’s key assets — easy-to-use product hazard spectrums, real-life case studies, accessible baseline specification language — in an interactive platform. Information introduced in the courses make it easier for you to reduce exposures to chemicals of concern.

Starting with the Fundamentals
The first course, Why Materials Matter, is an introduction to healthier building materials. This course provides a fundamental understanding of toxics used in materials, their impacts on human health, and the lack of regulations governing their use in the United States. Whether you are working on a new real estate project or maintaining your existing portfolio, you shouldn’t need to be a chemist to safeguard the health of your residents, employees, or the environment.

We invite you to visit the HomeFree website and sign up to get started selecting healthier materials for your projects today.