Research Team Expertise Grows at HBN

HBN | May 2019 | Newsletter

Under the leadership of Teresa McGrath, HBN’s Chief Research Officer, our research team is expanding staff and services. HBN continues to serve as a trusted source of translation and interpretation in the building product industry and beyond. We are more equipped than ever to support informed decision-making for selecting products that contribute to a healthier world. Our partners and customers have included commercial and residential real estate owners (including affordable housing), architectural firms, contractors, nonprofit environmental groups, university research centers, retailers, major brands, and product R&D departments. These innovators have invested in our science-based, objective research to keep them on the leading edge of innovation and to meet the demands of their customers who are seeking safer product alternatives. 

HBN can help you:

  • Identify the best products within your product library and discover opportunities for improvement
  • Measure your impact with simple metrics
  • Prioritize your efforts to improve products by focusing on changes that have the most impact 
  • Understand complex supply chains and how to choose the safest products
  • Generate downloads of hazard information 
  • Create custom restricted substances lists (RSLs)
  • Educate your team and your suppliers on why materials matter

Meet the HBN research team:


Our newest addition! Ryan Johnson, Materials Researcher: Ryan conducts research on building products and chemicals and on their associated health hazards. He previously worked for the State of California conducting research and managing research contracts related to indoor air quality. Following this, he moved into the nonprofit sector, where he collaborated with healthcare workers on international development work. In this role, he analyzed data for epidemiological research, conducted lectures on epidemiology and research methodology, and organized opportunities for US doctors working in China to receive continuing medical education. Ryan has a BS in chemistry from the University of Minnesota and an MS in Environmental Health Sciences from the University of California, Berkeley.


Rebecca Stamm, Senior Researcher: Rebecca works with the team at HBN to conduct vital building materials research, and is also the lead researcher on HBN’s HomeFree program. She has a BS from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and MS from Purdue University where she studied chemical engineering with a focus on materials. Rebecca has worked extensively in materials development and testing, quality control, and certification, including more than three years in the building materials industry.


Michel Dedeo, Manager of Chemical Data Systems: Michel is responsible for leading the development of the Pharos Chemical and Material Library, and the Data Commons. Michel received his doctoral degree from UC Berkeley and has worked on material health issues with the Green Science Policy Institute, Perkins+Will, GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals, and the UC Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry.

What problem are you trying to solve? Please contact us at to learn more about our research services that can help you meet your goals for safer materials.