HBN Awarded ASID’s 2019 Design For Humanity Award

HBN | August 2019 | Newsletter

A new video introducing Healthy Building Network as this year’s American Society for Interior Design’s Design For Humanity Award winner highlights HBN’s 20-year commitment to environmental health and justice.  

Featuring interviews with HBN Founder Bill Walsh and Howard University Professor Brad Grant, Vice-Chair of the HBN Board of Directors, the 7-minute piece titled “Paradigm Shift,” insightfully weaves a story of HBN goals and accomplishments eliminating phthalates from vinyl flooring. The video also covers HBN’s work introducing the Health Product Declaration and the HomeFree collaboration with the affordable housing community—along the through-line of disproportionate impacts experienced by communities with low-income, and people of color from the Arctic Circle to Cancer Alley in Louisiana. 

ASID’s annual award celebrates individuals and institutions who’ve significantly contributed to humanity by improving the environment through design-related activities or projects that transform lives. We are grateful to ASID for the recognition of our work and for telling our story so well. 

Watch the video, and please donate to HBN to be part of our next 20 years of design for humanity!