Connect with Healthy Building Network at the 5th Annual Living Product Expo in Nashville

HBN | August 2019 | Newsletter

Join the International Living Future Institute for the fifth Living Product Expo this October 8 – 10 in Nashville, TN. You’ll connect with 700+ leaders in sustainable design, healthy materials, interior design, and health & wellness. 

We’d love to network with you! Plan to attend one or both sessions that HBN will present at the Expo on Wednesday, Oct. 9. You’ll learn new information for choosing better materials and ways to transform health data into better products.

10:15 a.m. Session: HomeFree: Using Transformation Targets To Streamline Healthy, Affordable Materials Selection, and Accelerate Product Innovation
Presented by Bill Walsh-HBN, Teresa McGrath-HBN, Simona Fischer-MSR Architects

11:20 a.m. Session: Turning Better Material Health Data into Optimized Products 
Presented by Matt Van Duinen-WAP Sustainability Consulting, Teresa McGrath-HBN, Pete Girard-Toxnot

The Expo brings together leading minds in the design and manufacturing industries to lead the revolution toward healthy and beautiful spaces for everyone. You’ll experience three game-changing days of engaging education sessions, inspiring keynotes, an exclusive trade show brimming with leading-edge products, and much more! 

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