What’s New at HomeFree? Resources to Help You Select Healthier Insulation.

HBN | October 2019 | Newsletter

HBN is keeping pace with changes in insulation product offerings with updates to our insulation hazard spectrum. We're also supporting our users by providing on-demand educational materials to match. HBN’s latest course released on our HomeFree Campus is Selecting Healthier Insulation with HomeFree. 

Selecting Healthier Insulation with HomeFree outlines five key attributes that impact how insulation materials are ranked on the HomeFree Hazard Spectrum. It also features an exploration of insulation materials used for different application scenarios: closed wall energy efficiency retrofit, open cavity insulation, and continuous insulation. This exploration includes information on where different options fall on the hazard spectrum, their R-value, and relative cost information. Finally, specification recommendations and sample spec language are provided. 

The course includes updates to our insulation hazard spectrum made earlier this year based on new research into product content and associated hazards. These updates include the addition of categories for improved products within a product type, reflecting advances made in the marketplace: formaldehyde-free mineral wool batts and halogen-free polyisocyanurate. We also created categories for newer versions of EPS and XPS insulation which no longer use the highly toxic flame retardant, HBCD.  

New to the HomeFree Campus?

The HomeFree Campus is an online education resource that provides simple, science-based information that can help you select affordable, healthier materials. The courses are available on demand, giving you the flexibility you want and the information you need on your schedule. The online classes leverage HomeFree’s key assets—easy-to-use product hazard spectrums, real-life case studies, and accessible baseline specification language—in an interactive platform. This new course joins previously released courses, Why Materials Matter and Selecting Healthier Paint with HomeFree. 

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