This Is Who Believes a Planet Free of Toxic Chemicals Is Possible...

HBN | October 2019 | Newsletter

Imagine a More Sustainable World

A world where the spaces in which we live, work, and play help us breathe easy, think clearly and feel more creative. Communities where all children thrive in schools, playgrounds and homes free of chemicals that harm developing bodies and minds. Factories and job sites that prioritize health and safety. An environment where the air is fresh, soil is rich, and oceans are crystal clear. A future when our collective health soars because of safer products. 

It is possible. And it can start with you. 

Healthy Building Network is a trusted advisor for leading minds across industries and professions. Preeminent architectural firms, like SERA Architects and Perkins+Will ensure that their work and contributions result in a planet free of toxic chemicals.

Meet Our Partners Who Work with Us to Promote a Toxic-free Planet 

SERA Architects’ choices and actions promote health. “We achieve these goals by continuing to educate delivery teams, heightening an acute awareness of the benefits of selecting healthier materials and empowering our caring professionals with the best tools available,” says Dave Johnson, SERA Principal.
SERA also invests in HBN, by volunteering their expertise on advisory groups, like HBN’s HomeFree Champions, and through direct financial contributions that make certain HBN can do their work that helps us all select healthier products. 
Johnson, an HBN HomeFree Champion, says SERA gives to Healthy Building Network because “HBN has simple and effective frameworks driving the mass elimination of chemicals of concern and methods for accelerating our path on this mission. They help communities and industry partners know better, and do better, so that no one is left behind, and everyone’s decisions aggregate into scaled results and lead to health equity.” He encourages other firms and individuals who care—like you—to join SERA in contributing to HBN this fall.

For years, designers at Perkins and Will have facilitated informed decisions by working with clients and manufacturers to find alternatives that use the fewest possible toxic substances. “We help our fellow design professionals do the same through our Transparency website that hosts innovative reports on antimicrobials and the Precautionary List, tools made possible from our long history in partnering with HBN, says Mary Dickinson, Associate Principal & Regional Sustainable Design Leader. HBN is proud to have Perkins+Will as a Trailblazing member of HBN’s Leadership Circle giving society. We hope you will join them in giving the gift of health!

Your gift results in healthier lives. HBN relies on donations to develop our cutting edge resources, and maintain our objectivity and independence in providing trustworthy guidance. If you appreciate the information we provide and are committed to a healthy planet, please join our Leadership Circle, or give at any level meaningful to you.


Gina Ciganik, Chief Executive Officer
Bill Walsh, Founder and Board President