Engage, Explore, and Act with Free Healthier Materials Workshops and Webinars

HBN | October 2019 | Newsletter

Healthy Building Network (HBN) has free fall workshops in San Francisco and the Twin Cities. Even if you are not in the area, you’re in luck. We are holding online webinars, too! HBN’s HomeFree program is your guide to reducing and eliminating toxics in the materials you choose for your projects, big or small. These courses provide a fundamental understanding of toxics in materials, their impacts on human health, and US toxics regulations.

Come engage, explore and act with HBN in our three-series webinar on healthier building materials! Have some free time? Take all three. In a time crunch? Choose your favorite topic and register to participate. You’ll learn about the connection to healthier building materials and get actionable steps for choosing better paint and flooring.

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   * November 12, 2019 — 1pm-2pm CST 
   * December 10, 2019 — 1pm-2pm CST
   * January 14, 2020 — 1pm-2pm CST

HBN is excited to bring a HomeFree - Healthy Materials Workshop to the Twin Cities, Minnesota and San Francisco, California! Whether this is your first experience with HomeFree or you’re an active user, this workshop will boost your knowledge and capacity to choose healthier products for your projects. 

Come Ready To 

  • Engage with affordable housing community members and experts on how to effectively incorporate healthier building materials in your projects
  • Explore the HomeFree resources and tool to build and expand your understanding of the impact of toxics on human and environmental health
  • Act with a hands-on, step by step experience of screening product using the HomeFree hazard spectrum

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   * San Francisco — November 19, 2019
   * Twin Cities — November 26, 2019