A Healthy Future.

HBN | November 2019 | Newsletter

A healthy future. 

The holidays are approaching swiftly. And so is a very special new year’s eve—Healthy Building Network is turning 20 years old in 2020.

I find myself more deeply committed to our vision—where all people and the planet thrive. As I reflect on the loved ones I’ve lost from cancer, and those battling for their lives today, I want to do better for them. I want to do better for the children who carry the permanent effects from toxic exposures to their young and developing bodies. I want to do better for the women struggling with infertility as an outcome of chemical exposures. I envision an alternate, healthier path for everyday employees whose quality of life is impacted right now because of the hazardous chemicals with which they’ve come into contact while simply trying to make a living. What I know is that we can do better for them and for ourselves. What I see is a new generation of leaders committed to a safe and living circular economy. A generation of leaders who do not compromise our collective health in exchange for our everyday products that can simply be made better. As I think of those who were and are impacted by the unnecessary exposure to toxics, I remain grateful for all of our committed partners and allies on this journey during the past 20 years and into the next. 

A sustainable world is possible: A world where the spaces in which we live, work and play help us breathe easy, think clearly and feel more creative. Communities where all children excel in schools, playgrounds, and homes free of chemicals that harm developing bodies and minds. An environment where the air is fresh, the soil is rich, and oceans are crystal clear. A future when our collective health soars because of safer products.

Thank you for your leadership in simply believing in a planet free of hazardous chemicals. Your actions and your choices promote health. Step-by-step, each decision is an opportunity to create the sustainable world we envision at HBN. Each day is a new chance to educate another person of this ongoing, but reversible problem. 

You share our vision: all people and the planet thrive when the environment is free of hazardous chemicals.

And, it’s your contributions that make certain Healthy Building Network can provide resources that help you and decision-makers throughout our economy choose healthier products, and improve lives.

If you appreciate the leading-edge research and educational tools that we provide, please choose to commit to a healthier planet. Join our Leadership Circle, or give to the cause at any level meaningful to you. Your support is certainly meaningful to me. Together, a healthy future is possible.



Gina Ciganik
Chief Executive Officer
Healthy Building Network