HBN Adds Staff to Expand Materials Research

HBN | February 2021 | Newsletter

hcFr_Cassidy%20Clarity%20180x180.jpgHBN is thrilled to welcome Cassidy Clarity as our new Materials Researcher! Cassidy will work with our research team to better understand what chemicals are used in the manufacturing of building materials and the impacts these chemicals have on human health and the environment. Cassidy adds to our capacity to bring this research to light and generate action oriented guidance to the marketplace for safer material selection. 

Prior to joining HBN, Cassidy worked as a Research Associate with the University of California, Berkeley Sustainability and Health Equity Lab, where she conducted biomonitoring research assessing chemical exposures in women workers such as firefighters and nurses. She has also worked in public health research at University of California, San Francisco and New England Research Institutes on a range of studies from food insecurity and diabetes to BPA exposure in children.

Cassidy received her BA in Biology from Boston College and her Master of Public Health in Environmental Health Science and Industrial Hygiene from University of California, Berkeley. Her graduate work focused on aerosol solvent use and exposure among UC Berkeley employees. She looks forward to contributing her experience in environmental health to the research team’s work investigating the human health effects of building materials.

Welcome, Cassidy!