What We're Reading This Earth Month

HBN | April 2021 | Newsletter

This Earth Month, we wanted to take the chance to highlight some great conversations that are happening in our ecosystem. We compiled a list of some of the articles and media HBN staff are reading and listening to that we think you should know about.

The Story of Plastic

Take a 4 minute break and watch this animated short made by the Story of Stuff Project. It describes why plastic ends up in the environment and the solutions needed to disrupt the unsustainable use of plastic by holding manufacturers accountable for the products they make.
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Carbon Offsets Should Make You Nervous

Dr. Jonathan Foley, Executive Director of Project Drawdown, talks about how carbon offsets and “net zero emissions” claims are a dangerous distraction to meaningful climate change initiatives. He also ranks different offsets from best to worst. Spoiler alert: “the best offset is no offset at all.”
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Veena Singla - Agents of Change Podcast

Dr. Veena Singla, Senior Scientist in the Healthy People and Thriving Communities program at NRDC, describes how she found herself in a career supporting healthier affordable housing, a surprising Craigslist find, and how she turns science into policy.
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Three Myths of Behavior Change

Dr. Jeni Cross, Social Scientist at Colorado State University, delivers a short TED Talk about the Three Myths of Behavior Change and why common sense is often irrelevant in the quest to influence people and create change. If you want more success in achieving behavioral change, don’t miss this.
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Equity and Social Justice in the Supply Chain

What do building materials have to do with social justice? To find out more, read this article by Diana Alley, Avideh Haghighi, and Lona Rerickat at ZGF Architects.
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