A Year End Gift that Heals

HBN | December 2021 | Newsletter

heal [verb]: ​​to make healthy, whole, or sound; restore to health; free from ailment 

At HBN, we are poised to be a force for healing. With your help, we’re looking toward a future where we can achieve:  

  • a world where the spaces in which we live, work, and play help us breathe easy, think clearly and feel more creative
  • communities where all children thrive in schools, playgrounds, and homes free of chemicals that harm developing bodies and minds
  • a marketplace with perpetually-cycled products that use regenerative ingredients known to be safe for all living things
  • a planet where the air is fresh, soil is rich, and oceans are crystal clear
  • a future where our collective health soars because of healthier products

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted lives, communities and business as usual around the world. It has also shone a light on deeply rooted environmental injustices that we can not ignore. Data show that children in low-wealth families, BIPOC individuals, and people of historically oppressed identities living in communities already disproportionately burdened with industrial pollution have also endured some of the most devastating COVID-19 impacts.

Building back better will require building back differently. We must take seriously the impact on our bodies of relentless toxic chemical exposures from the manufacture and use of building materials. We can create a resilient population by improving biological systems through the selection of safer products. A thriving humanity depends upon it. 

By making a contribution before the end of the year, you show your commitment to a safer, healthier future for our planet and the people who inhabit it. 

Since 2000, HBN has defined the leading edge of healthy building practices that increase transparency in the building products industry, reduce human exposures to hazardous chemicals, and create market incentives for healthier innovations in manufacturing. Together, we can build back differently and advance human and environmental health. 

Join us this holiday season, and make a gift that heals.

I Want to Build Back Differently with HBN!

Here’s to 2022, to a year of research, education, and innovation! From all of us at HBN, we hope you are safe, healthy, and healing, and we thank you for your support.