Apply Now: Free Technical Assistance for Affordable Housing Practitioners

HBN | December 2021 | Newsletter

HBN’s HomeFree program is excited to announce that it has received funding to provide a new round of technical assistance to organizations seeking to improve their material practice by using healthier products.

This opportunity is available at no cost to building owners, managers, developers, architecture firms, and general contractors who own, build, and/or manage affordable housing projects in the United States. 

This initiative is part of HBN’s larger efforts to reduce toxic exposures that fall disproportionately upon marginalized communities, people of color, low-income workforces, and children. By participating in this effort, you and your organization will have taken an active role in transforming the materials market to safer alternatives for all.

What you will receive

HBN will provide a free consultation to assess the ranking of the most common products specified or used by your organization across three different product categories currently covered by HBN’s research, including paints and two product categories of your choosing. When available, our team will provide recommendations for safer alternatives presently used by our partners, meeting their cost and performance standards.

In addition, our team of experts will deliver a free, practice-oriented seminar designed to kickstart your team’s journey into making healthier building material selections. From using HomeFree resources to set your materials baseline, to setting goals and reporting on your progress, the seminar will equip your team with practical insights and tools to help you make better decisions about the materials you use. 

"HomeFree's materials seminar provided an excellent opportunity to get our project team up to speed with the importance of using healthier products in the new 43,000 square foot low-barrier shelter being built in Pittsburgh. In addition to learning about why this is so critical to the health of contractors and residents as well as the impact on the environment, we learned about ways to use up-to-date information to guide safer product selection and further align our strategy with healthier material goals," said Linda Metropulos, Special Consultant for Action Housing.

How to apply

This opportunity is available on a first-come, first-served basis to the first six qualifying organizations to sign up. To register, please follow the link below and follow the instructions. Don’t miss this great opportunity to align your material practice with your organization’s goals towards a healthier and safer environment for all. 

Apply Now!

If this opportunity is not a fit for you, please share this resource with others in your network who may benefit from it!