Turn Black Friday Green

HBN | November 2023 | Newsletter


It’s the season for Healthy, Healing, Happy Holidays

As end of year approaches, we're gearing up for joyous celebrations and meaningful gift-giving. Yet, it's essential to ensure our purchases bring happiness without unintended consequences.

Let's redefine the Black Friday experience by shopping with intention. By aligning your purchases with your values, you're not just giving gifts; you're actively participating in shaping a better future for your family and generations to come.


Less is More

The most sustainable gift is one you don’t have to buy.

Local and Community-Centric

Invest your dollars directly in communities so wealth can grow locally.

Find Safer Stuff

Minimize exposures to harmful chemicals. They’re better for you - and the planet!


Join HBN in making this Black Friday health-focused, eco-conscious, and full of purpose.