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Take an inside look into emerging markets and trends. Gain valuable new perspectives from HBN experts and our partners. Be inspired to know better.

By Popular Demand: A List of Safer Paints

HBN | November 2020 | Newsletter

Are you lagging behind in selecting safer paints? With healthier paints readily available on the market at a variety of price points, there's no reason not to be making a safer choice. Check out our list of paints that are free of the most common hazardous chemicals.

HBN Welcomes Two New Staff in Fall 2020

HBN | October 2020 | Newsletter

HBN is thrilled to announce two new staff additions to our team! We'd like to introduce Austin Wiebe, our new Senior Director of Communications and Marketing, and Nsilo Berry, Health Impact Researcher.

Solutions for Safer Turf

HBN | October 2020 | Newsletter

HBN has released new research on the human and environmental hazards surrounding natural and artificial turf solutions. Our Hazard Spectrum compares various options and their related hazards in an easy to read format.

Together, We Can Eliminate Disease Linked to Chemical Exposures

HBN | October 2020 | Newsletter

2020 has been a year like no other. The COVID-19 pandemic and uprisings for racial justice have disrupted lives, communities and business as usual around the world. It has shown that our work is more important than ever. As we reflect on our past 20 years and look forward to our next, we are grateful for your partnership, support, and leadership and are excited to forge ahead on the Next 20 Years of our critical work, together, with you.

Selecting the Wrong Drywall Could Introduce Mercury into the Environment

HBN | July 2020 | Newsletter

While one drywall board may look very much like another, some are made with naturally occurring gypsum, while others are made from coal-fired power plant waste and can introduce mercury into the environment during manufacturing. This article includes details of HBN’s recently updated analysis of mercury emissions from drywall manufacturing and our current recommendations.

How Do We Know? A Peek Inside HBN’s Research Process

HBN | June 2020 | Newsletter

When we know better we do better. For 20 years, HBN has been a source of the truth in building materials contents and the associated hazards and impacts of those materials. How do we know this information? This article offers insights into the research methodology that help us “know better”.