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More Impending Changes in the Insulation Market

Rebecca Stamm | November 06, 2015 | Materials

Recently in Healthy Building News, Jim Vallette described positive changes in the composition of residential fiberglass insulation where formaldehyde has been completely phased out in the US and Canada.(1) We have also learned, in the course of research for the BlueGreen Alliance Foundation, that significant material changes are imminent in po...

Powerful New Open Data Project Gets Rave Reviews

Rebecca Stamm | October 16, 2015 | Tools

Now in our 15th year, the Healthy Building Network has been busy as beavers, felling more obstacles, building more useful infrastructures, with more partners, than ever. In the coming weeks, we will be unveiling many of these initiatives with Healthy Building News readers and the world at large. Front and center among these is a collaboration calle...