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MaterialWise Seeks Director of Science & Verification

Stacy Glass | January 2019 | Newsletter

MaterialWise is seeking a Ph.D chemist, toxicologist (or similar technical background) to scale the program. MaterialWise is a non-profit initiative to build a globally harmonized chemical hazard assessment repository of third-party verified alternative assessments. They have engaged leading brands including Target, Google, Nike, Levis, Steelcase, Method and others in the design of this program to provide an evidence base that empowers manufacturers to move toward safer chemistry and avoid regrettable substitutions as an unintended consequence of list based chemical management programs.

With philanthropic support from Target, Schmidt Futures, C&A Foundation and others, they are building a team of full-time employees to implement a scalability plan over the next 3-years. This senior position will be critical to their success. The ideal candidate will have an unwavering commitment to scientific data quality, a bit of entrepreneurial spirit, and a desire to apply better chemistry for a better world.  

Send inquiries to Stacy Glass ( or apply online via Indeed.

Selecting Safe Materials for a Circular Economy Is Critical – and Possible

Stacy Glass | December 2018 | Newsletter

Circular design encourages us to rethink business models and how we make products, and to consider the systems surrounding them. But we also need to think about the materials we use – and the chemistry behind them. To create a truly sustainable circular economy, we must know what’s in the materials and products we choose, and those choices should focus on optimized chemistry for human and environmental health. Only then will we have the building blocks for a circular economy.

To help designers, entrepreneurs, and innovators make positive materials choices and integrate better chemistry into the design process from the very start, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute (C2C PII) have released a new series of advanced learning modules as part of the foundation’s Circular Design Guide, which was co-created with IDEO. The MaterialWise screening tool, powered by HBN’s Pharos database, is featured in the modules.