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Delivering On the Promise of Green Building

Bill Walsh | February 02, 2007 | Policies

The Unity Homes Team: Lillie Bender, Jim Vallette, Paul Bogart With one home now built, and deepening relationships with our non-profit community organizations, economic development officials, leading modular housing engineers, and structured finance experts, the Unity Homes Project is well-placed to establish, by the end of 2007, a factory in Mis...

A Climate Change In The Green Building Movement

Bill Walsh | January 19, 2007 | Policies

The first Healthy Building News for 2007 is a week late. On the eve of publication last week, our scheduled topic was rendered moot by the US EPA's decision to prohibit the residential use of a toxic pressure treated wood formula known as ACC (acid copper chromate). Its main ingredient, hexavalent chromium, is the human carcinogen that made Eri...

GreenSpec Says: "Avoid PVC"

Bill Walsh | October 27, 2006 | Policies

GreenSpec [1], the UK construction industry's definitive guide to sustainable construction, has completed a comparative evaluation of numerous building materials, including PVC building components. GreenSpec's easy-to-use guide provides both detailed and summary analysis. A section entitled "We Would Specify" directs users to mate...

Green Chemistry at Greenbuild

Bill Walsh | September 29, 2006 | Policies

"Green chemistry is the foundation of our desire to replace design that does no harm with restorative and regenerative design." -- Vivian Loftness, FAIA

The greening of chemistry and building practices emerged contemporaneously in the early 90's. The seminal book in the field, Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice [1], was published i...

Glimpse The Future of Green Building: A Webinar On Healthy Hospitals

Bill Walsh | July 24, 2006 | Materials

US Green Building Council CEO Rick Fedrizzi is fond of saying that future demand for green buildings will be driven by their positive impacts on human health. On Wednesday July 26, 2006 Environmental Design + Construction magazine will sponsor a webinar on the greening of health care facilities that should attract all green building professionals i...

Reading Between The Lies: Deconstructing One Industry's Attack On LEED

Bill Walsh | July 12, 2006 | Policies

With increasing frequency, green building professionals are confronted with critiques of the LEED Rating System generated by the timber, plastics or residential home building industries. In this issue, HBN Founder Bill Walsh helps you read between the lies of the timber industry's disingenuous attacks on LEED and the US Green Building Council m...