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Do you know what’s in your recycled material?

HBN | February 2021 | Newsletter

Using products that contain recycled content can be a great way to reduce environmental impacts and support a circular economy by keeping still-useful materials out of landfills and avoiding the impacts of manufacturing virgin materials. Unfortunately, some recycled materials contain toxic chemicals that come along for the ride when incorporated into new products.

HBN Adds Staff to Expand Materials Research

HBN | February 2021 | Newsletter

HBN is thrilled to welcome Cassidy Clarity as our new Materials Researcher! Cassidy will work with our research team to better understand what chemicals are used in the manufacturing of building materials and the impacts these chemicals have on human health and the environment.

Embodied Carbon and Environmental Justice in the Biden Age

HBN | February 2021 | Newsletter

The Biden Administration has an opportunity to advance embodied carbon initiatives in a manner consistent with environmental justice principles. Central to this is a simple philosophy: It’s not “green” if it is not green and healthy for all.

Make Materials Health Your Resolution for 2021

HBN | January 2021 | Newsletter

While the broad effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are far from over, the new year allows us a chance to reflect on what’s ahead and focus on how we can Know Better and Do Better in 2021. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate healthy materials into your resolutions for this year, consider these five resolutions based on HBN’s research advancements over the past year.

HBN Guidance Included in Detox Me App

HBN | January 2021 | Newsletter

HBN is proud to be an information partner for Silent Spring’s Detox Me app! The app provides a straightforward clean lifestyle guide that walks you through simple, research-based tips on how to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals where you live, work, and play.

HBN Welcomes Diverse New Perspectives to Board of Directors

HBN | January 2021 | Newsletter

HBN is excited to announce the addition of three new members to our Board of Directors: Dr. Ami Zota, MyDzung T. Chu, and Carolyn Fine Friedman. As we move from our first 20 years to our next, our board will be critical partners to help us grow, adapt, and turn vision into reality.

By Popular Demand: A List of Safer Paints

HBN | November 2020 | Newsletter

Are you lagging behind in selecting safer paints? With healthier paints readily available on the market at a variety of price points, there's no reason not to be making a safer choice. Check out our list of paints that are free of the most common hazardous chemicals.