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How Do We Know? A Peek Inside HBN’s Research Process

HBN | June 2020 | Newsletter

When we know better we do better. For 20 years, HBN has been a source of the truth in building materials contents and the associated hazards and impacts of those materials. How do we know this information? This article offers insights into the research methodology that help us “know better”.

Materials Transparency: Past, Present and Future

HBN | June 2020 | Newsletter

Our colleagues at the Health Product Declaration Collaborative recently implemented the newest version of the Health Product Declaration Open Standard, v2.2. At HBN, we thought we’d take the opportunity to consider where we currently are with respect to transparency in the built environment, reflect upon how far we have come and look forward to where we are headed.

We Stand With Black, Brown, and Indigenous Communities

HBN | June 01, 2020 | Announcements

We stand with people of color and demand justice and equality. We grieve with you. We share your anger and outrage. We pray with you for the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the countless others who have been killed or oppressed through racist systems and acts. We send our love to you.

Investing in a Healthier Future

HBN | May 2020 | Newsletter

The COVID-19 pandemic is revealing what scientists have said for decades: when toxic chemicals undermine the human immune system, people are at grave risk. In this round-up of cutting-edge research and insights from our supporters, we see this truth through new evidence and reaffirm the critical mission of the Healthy Building Network.

Pharos Is Shaping Green Chemistry Education

HBN | May 2020 | Newsletter

By popular demand, we are sharing the April 30 Pharos webinar recording that includes great resources and ideas to help you integrate Pharos into your formal or informal education initiatives. Meg Schwarzman, MD, MPH of University California, Berkeley and Jeremy Faludi, Ph.D., Delft University of Technology shared their success stories of using Pharos to support research and chemical alternatives assessment courses. We also provided example assignments and curriculum from the University of Victoria.

Power Your Work with the Latest Release of Pharos!

HBN | April 2020 | Newsletter

Healthy Building Network is thrilled to officially announce the latest release of Pharos! With a totally redesigned user interface, and exciting new features, it’s easier than ever to prioritize chemicals management and identify safer alternatives to chemicals of concern. Plus, check out two new case studies detailing how Klean Kanteen and University of Victoria use Pharos to improve their work, and see how Pharos is being used as a collaboration and research tool during this pandemic.