Health Impact Researcher

Since 2000 HBN has defined the leading edge of healthy building practices that increase transparency in the building products industry, reduce human exposures to hazardous chemicals, and create market incentives for healthier innovations in manufacturing. We are a team of researchers, engineers, scientists, building experts, and educators, and pursue our mission on three fronts: Research & Policy: uncovering cutting-edge information about healthier products and health impacts; Data Tools: producing innovative software platforms that ensure product transparency and catalog chemical hazards; Education and Capacity Building: Fostering others’ capabilities to make informed decisions.

Critical Competencies for Success:

As the Health Impact Researcher, you will contribute to the body of research on products, chemicals, related health hazards, and the impacts those materials have on people and the environment, in particular the impacts on low-income communities and people of color. You will also be responsible for the foundational research, analysis, and writing of position papers and publications on materials, products and related health hazards as part of our research team and supporting the team.


Conduct original research into:

Support special initiative team in the execution of the Education and Community of Practice work plans:

Author reports based on original research and research compiled by team members:



HBN is a nationally distributed organization, with staff working remotely from home or cooperative workspaces.


Comensurate with experience.

How to Apply:

Apply online at Insperity Careers.