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Contact HBN

HBN’s Financial Office is located at:
4911 7th Street NW, Washington, DC 20011
(202) 741-5717 (phone)

For General Inquiries, call (877) 974-2767 (toll-free)

Healthy Building Network maintains a geographically distributed staff. Our varied locations ground our work within the places we serve. Sharing local and regional approaches across geographies provides different perspectives and ideas to spark fresh thinking. We are agile and mobile, tied to specific places, yet reminded we are part of a national and global network.

Lindsy "LB" Bissonnette
Development Manager
ext. 708
New York
Gina Ciganik
Chief Executive Officer
ext. 711
Cassidy Clarity
Materials Researcher
ext. 706
Sarah Gilberg
Lead Developer
ext. 702
Washington, DC
Bruce Green
Chief Operating Officer
ext. 716
Ryan Johnson
Materials Researcher
ext. 715
Wei-Yung Liu
Data Systems Analyst
ext. 703
New York
Teresa McGrath
Chief Research Officer
ext. 719
Sarah Pickell
Business Operations Manager
ext. 705
Washington, DC
Rebecca Stamm
Senior Researcher
ext. 712
Nicolette Stosur-Bassett
Chief Brand and Communications Officer
ext. 707
Roberto Valle Kinloch
HomeFree Manager
ext. 701
North Carolina