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HBN developed the Health Product Declaration now an industry standard for healthy building materials in the green building industry. We continue to transform the market for building materials by collaborating with industry champions in the building, technology, and health care industries.

Our consulting work is backed by a research team with deep experience in building materials’ analysis, toxic chemical avoidance and best practices in purchasing decisions that lead to healthy workplaces, homes and communities.


Google, Inc. tapped our research and technology expertise to build a tool to minimize the use of hazardous chemicals in their facilities across the globe. Our tool assists Google’s planners to identify the healthiest building product options available today and creates incentives for manufacturers to develop even healthier options for the future.  

“We are 100% committed to building healthful work environments and contributing to the healthfulness of the communities in which we work. HBN’s Pharos Project helps us make this commitment a reality.” -  Anthony Ravitz, Green Team Lead,  Google, Inc. 


HBN co-developed the first healthy building toolkit for hospitals: The Green Guide for Health Care. Now over 55 million square feet of healthcare facilities have been designed or renovated using the Green Guide and the LEED Healthcare standard that it inspired.


HBN is a founding advisor to the Building Product Ecosystems with the Durst Organization, The New School and the City University of New York. The group is exploring the potential to modify New York building codes to reduce the use of highly toxic flame retardants and developing a wallboard recycling system to reduce the use of mercury-contaminated coal ash in wallboard products. 

“What makes HBN different is that they have leading edge solutions that are not just ideas; we can put them into practice now. Their tools and know how are helping us to make New York City a role model for healthy building—a profound legacy for the city I love.” – Amanda Kaminsky, Sustainable Construction Manager – The Durst Organization.


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