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Licensing and Technology Services

HBN licenses access to the Pharos Project chemical and material profiles via an Application Programming Interface (API).  The Pharos Project is a one-of-a-kind database for identifying and understanding the environmental and human health hazards associated with chemicals and bio-based materials common to building materials.   

The Pharos Project now profiles over 34,400 chemicals and bio-based materials for 22 health and environmental hazards, including carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, reproductive toxicity and endocrine disruption, against some 63 authoritative hazard lists issued by governments, NGOs and other expert bodies. Chemical profiles drive the scoring of building products in the Pharos building products evaluations.  Pharos chemical data also back-ends a number of other important transparency tools, including the Health Product Declaration Collaborative’s HPD Builder, Google’s Healthy Material Tool and the BlueGreen Alliance’s Chem-Hat system for workers. 

HBN’s team also assists firms in developing custom materials filters and private firm libraries.  Additionally, we license extensive expert content on materials health in the built environment.




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