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Figuring out what is in building materials – down to the nano-level ingredients – is what our research team does. We perform independent, foundational research and product evaluations required to provide building products specifiers with unbiased, up-to-date information about chemical hazards, practical product evaluations and comparisons, and recommendations about the healthfulness of widely-used building products. This research provides the insights found in Healthy Building News, supports the growth of the Pharos Building Product Library, and helps building owners make critical materials decisions through the Healthy Building Roundtables.

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Since 2002, we have published Healthy Building News, providing green building professionals with timely, reliable information and perspective on market and political trends that are defining the green building movement. By keeping you informed, our objective is to help you be more effective and lead the green building movement from within.


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The Pharos Project is the leading web-based building material evaluation system.  The Pharos Building Product Library has over 1600 products and components in sixteen (16) major product categories. Products can be compared, sorted and filtered against important criteria, including whether products qualify for LEED v 4 Material Resource credits. A user can quickly determine whether a building product’s ingredients include chemicals that are persistent bio-accumulative toxics, carcinogens, endocrine disruptors or other hazardous constituents.

The Pharos Project is powered by its Chemical and Material Library, a one-of-a kind database that cross-references 35,310 chemicals and bio-based materials against some 67 authoritative hazard lists, linking health and environmental hazards to individual building material ingredients.  These lists are authored by 42 expert bodies, including national, international and non-governmental organizations.

At its core, the Pharos Project is a campaign for transparency in the building materials market. It is the ultimate campaign tool: a system for users to locate the best materials to meet their current needs and enduring values; a tool to help cut through the prolific greenwashing in the building materials market; a space where users can decide what makes a product truly green; and, most importantly, a platform from which to show manufacturers what constitutes a market in support of the best environmental, health and social equity practices.


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