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Healthy Building Network’s analysis of chemical hazards, industry trends, supply chain and market structures, and the social and environmental impacts of product manufacture is widely respected for its depth and rigor, and for our independence from industry influence. Our understanding of the industry has drawn interest from the manufacturing community in assessing and improving their products and production methods. Recognizing our unique position as a non-profit public interest organization at the intersection of manufacturing and consumption, HBN seeks to channel that industry interest and prevent conflicts of interest. HBN has established the following policies in order to protect our independent perspective on chemical hazards and other impacts of all manufacturers’ activities.

Collaborative Projects 

HBN works with a funding Partner to develop the goals for a research project, carry out the research and publish the results. Preferred funding partners are those with whom we explicitly share goals for industrial transformation.


Editorial Control: HBN may agree by contract or Memorandum of Understanding to share control of the research direction, editorial framing, and publication process with the funding partner.


Eligibility: Eligible Partners may include:

  • Philanthropic foundations;
  • Government agencies;
  • Nonprofit organizations that are not trade organizations representing manufacturers;
  • Private companies that do not manufacture building or consumer products;
  • Individuals, except those working for or representing product manufacturers.   


Transparency: The names of all funding Partners will be listed in research products which they helped fund.

Subscription Research  

HBN is pilot testing a subscription research model to allow interested manufacturers to participate in funding support for select research projects, while avoiding conflicts of interest and maintaining HBN’s independence. The following describes the rules for this model of research funding:


HBN may solicit subscriber funds to help cover the costs of its independent research. HBN independently develops the goals for a research project, carries out the research and writing, and publishes the results. Subscribers may receive advance access to work products and educational sessions to understand the findings and their implications.


Editorial Control: HBN solely controls the research direction, editorial framing, and publication process. Subscribers are not allowed to exercise any control over the project at any time.


Eligibility: There are no restrictions on the types of organizations that are eligible to apply for the subscription research service. HBN reserves the right to accept or decline subscribers on a case by case basis. No subscription from an individual company or related companies may total more than 20% of the cost of the research project subscribed. Email us at to apply.


Transparency: The names of all subscribers will be listed in research products to which their subscription fees contributed.


For more information, download our subscription research informational brochure here.

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