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Bill Walsh - January 27, 2010

Pharos ProjectIn our new Pharos Project blog, The Signal, my colleagues have been sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of how they research the products and materials that are put into the Pharos Building Product Library. Tom Lent profiles five new products added to the Pharos Project last week. Jim Vallette describes his successful search for basic product information that could not be found in the place you are most likely to look - a manufacturer's website. Jim's recent blogs about flooring products and chemical flame retardants show convincingly why full transparency about product ingredients is essential if we are to overcome the widely acknowledged greenwash problem. Julie Silas summarizes two important new studies that illustrate how careful materials selection to avoid toxic chemicals is part of the solution to improving public health, lowering health care costs and even confronting escalating rates of obesity and developmental and behavioral problems in our nation's children.

We hope you find these blogs interesting. Our goal for The Signal is to provide insights and context for the chemicals and product data that can be found using the Pharos materials evaluation tool.

--Bill Walsh, Executive Director

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