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4/4/18 The New Challenge For Lead-Free Schools
3/8/18 Healthy Building Network Hires Two Staff, Seeks Chief Research Officer
12/13/17 Healthy Building Network is Growing
10/25/17 Home Depot Raises The Bar On Hazard Avoidance - New Chemical Strategy Is An Important Step Towards Healthier Product Options
10/18/17 Eliminating Toxics in Carpet: Lessons for the Future of Recycling
7/26/17 New Subscription Research Project Will Map PVC Supply Chain: HBN Seeks Transparency Leaders To Participate
3/29/17 The Road to Optimizing Asphalt Pavement Recycling
3/22/17 Vinyl Building Products Drive Asbestos Use In USA
3/1/17 Perkins + Will Adds Antimicrobial Products to Precautionary List
10/5/16 Healthy Building Network and Google Announce Portico, a First-of-Its-Kind Building Materials Analysis and Decision-making Tool
10/3/16 PVC’s Asbestos & Mercury Problems
9/23/16 Ethylene Flood Threatens Viability of Polyethylene Recycling
9/7/16 FDA Rule Casts More Doubt On Anti-Microbial Building Products
8/29/16 HBN Speakers at Second Annual Living Product Expo Pittsburgh, PA | Sept 13-15, 2016
7/29/16 Post-Consumer Flexible Polyurethane Foam Scrap Used In Building Products
6/30/16 Healthy Building Network Announces Executive Leadership Expansion
6/23/16 From NIMBY to Now in Everyone’s Backyard
5/25/16 Risky Business: Undermining the LEED Material Credit
3/30/16 Take Action for Healthier Building Materials
2/18/16 East of Flint, One Company Defiantly Continues To Produce Lead Pigments
2/5/16 Does Your Paint Contain Cobalt Mined By Children In The #DRC?
1/21/16 Common Decking and Insulation Pesticide is a Honeybee Killer
12/16/15 Making Buildings Healthier With Your Support
11/18/15 Perkins + Will, HBN, Unravel the Myth of “Clean Vinyl”
11/12/15 Not LEEDership: Supply Chain Optimization Guidance Neutralized Under Chemical Industry Pressure
11/10/15 CompAIR: HBN Launches New Tool For Comparing VOCs
10/30/15 Residential Fiberglass Insulation Transformed: Formaldehyde is No More
10/27/15 Flux, HBN, thinkstep and Google Collaborate to Launch the Quartz Database at VERGE 2015
10/22/15 Recycling in the Age of Product Transparency
10/16/15 Powerful New Open Data Project Gets Rave Reviews
10/2/15 Chemicals Without Harm: Policies For A Sustainable World
9/30/15 Clear Lessons For Recycling Glass In Building Products
9/17/15 HBN Board Chair Robin Guenther Gives TEDMED Talk
8/20/15 Firsts At The Living Product Expo
7/9/15 The end is near for phthalate plasticizers
4/29/15 Materials Optimization Starts at the Intersection of Human Health and Recycling
4/22/15 Recycled Vinyl Can Reintroduce Chemical Hazards Into Building Products
4/22/15 Home Depot Will Eliminate Phthalates from Vinyl Flooring
2/9/15 New SFI Standards Still Fail To Protect Forests
12/17/14 15 Years of HBN
12/12/14 #BlackLivesMatter in Green Building
11/19/14 Antibacterials In Building Products: The Good, The Bad and the Downright Ugly
10/15/14 The Dirt On Antimicrobials
10/10/14 It’s Time To Rethink Recycling
9/15/14 Constructive Dialogues Begin With Disclosure
9/3/14 Truce or Surrender at USGBC?
6/6/14 More Vinyl Greenwash
5/29/14 Making Sense of Phthalate-Free Vinyl
4/10/14 Time to Close the Europe/US Paint Healthfulness Gap
1/30/14 Buyers Beware: Coal Ash In Building Products
1/8/14 FDA Acts On Antimicrobials
12/17/13 You Make It Happen!
12/12/13 HBN Report: A Strategy to Prevent Asthma Through Building Product Selection
11/26/13 Greenbuild 2013 From A to Z
11/6/13 Options? Rivals? Imitators? Transparency Market Has Them All
9/25/13 Remembering Florence
9/13/13 Walmart to USGBC: You Are Right
7/23/13 Self-Cleaning or Greenwashing? New Product Claims Raise Questions
7/18/13 Follow the Leader: Skanska
7/8/13 John Knott: Executive Director, Health Product Declaration Collaborative
6/10/13 Transparently NeoCon?
4/24/13 Where the Rubber Meets the Road in Building Products
4/1/13 USGBC Announces Abbreviated 7th Public Comment Period
3/26/13 Let's Just KISS: The LEED 6th Public Comment Period
3/12/13 Removing Arsenic from Building Materials: A Success Story
2/25/13 Building Interiors an Important Source of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals to Children
1/30/13 Another industry front against chemical safety exposed
1/24/13 The Google Healthiness Machine
12/11/12 Leadership in Advocacy
11/29/12 Reflections on Transparency — or Not
11/19/12 Greenbuild 2012: Rick Fedrizzi Brings It On
11/14/12 The Greenbuild EXPO 2012 Transparency Treasure Hunt
11/9/12 Greenbuild 2012: The New Normal - Transparency and Healthier Building Products
10/25/12 Burying the LEED
8/28/12 NY Times Op Eds Show Why LEED Chemical Credits Are Needed
8/20/12 "All of That Is Gone Now": Coal Waste Processors Sue EPA
7/26/12 Senate Vote Builds Case Against Toxic Commerce
7/20/12 Chemical Giants Target the USGBC: Part 2
5/22/12 Chemical Giants Target the USGBC: Part 1
4/24/12 Finding Market Transformation in an Unexpected Place
4/2/12 Slogging Through the First Season of Transparency
3/19/12 EPA Reaffirms PVC's Negative Health Impacts
3/15/12 Opening The Door To Transparency: 30 Building Product Manufacturers Pilot Health Product Declaration
3/8/12 It's Hard to Be Us
2/15/12 HPD - The Help We Need
2/7/12 Plastics Society's Tin Ear: Conflict Minerals in Building Materials
12/21/11 Leading Firms Endorse Health Product Declaration
12/14/11 Help Support the HBN Campaign For Transparency!
11/22/11 APHA Recommends PVC Phase-Out in Building Products
11/3/11 Authenticity, Accuracy, Transparency
10/4/11 Greenbuild 2011: The End of Don't Tell, Don't Ask
9/21/11 Greenbuild for Interior Designers
9/9/11 Transparency Takes the LEED
8/19/11 Ray Anderson: A Summons, Maybe Even A Provocation
8/3/11 Stop the Greenwashing
7/21/11 Chemical Flame Retardants - Ineffective & Harmful; Chemical Manufacturers - Effective & Harmful
7/6/11 NanoSphere - Friend or Foe
6/16/11 Toxic Flame Retardants - New Data, More Warnings, Take Action
6/1/11 Expanding the Conversation
4/18/11 Full Disclosure: Did Your Green Building Poison an Environmental Hero's Hometown?
2/22/11 European Chemical Ban Will REACH U.S. Building Materials
2/14/11 The 2030 Challenge: Healthy Building with Low Carbon Products
2/11/11 Enviro Close-Up with Karl Grossman Interviews HBN's Larry Kilroy
1/13/11 New LEED Pilot Credits Advance While Chemical Data Gap Looms
12/21/10 Ten Years, Ten Minutes: 2010
12/3/10 LEED Gets Healthier: LEED for Healthcare Approved
11/17/10 BuildingGreen, Healthy Building Network Announce Strategic Partnership
11/10/10 Igniting the Debate on Flame Retardants: Q&A with Arlene Blum
10/28/10 New LEED Materials Credits Target Phthalates, Flame Retardants
10/13/10 New Study Ranks PVC "At Bottom" in Green Design, Life Cycle Assessment
9/29/10 Heinz Awards Honor Scientists Opposed By Chemical Industry
9/15/10 Fly Ash in Building Products: Proceed with Precaution
7/14/10 Trends in Transparency
6/16/10 Highlights from the Pharos Blog: The Signal
6/2/10 "LEED Standards Insufficient to Protect Human Health," Finds New Report
5/19/10 Fly Ash: More Questions than Answers from EPA
4/28/10 Wallboard: No Longer a Dry Subject
4/14/10 Highlights from the Pharos Blog: The Signal
4/1/10 Fooling Ourselves
3/22/10 Our Clear Cut Choice
3/3/10 Highlights from the Pharos Blog: The Signal
2/18/10 Transparency: There's an App for That
1/27/10 Highlights from the Pharos Blog: The Signal
1/13/10 EPA's "Chemicals of Concern" in Green Building Products
12/16/09 Yes, Virginia
12/2/09 Greenwash at Greenbuild, Gambling in Casablanca
11/23/09 This Thanksgiving: See the Forest Through the Beans
11/10/09 PHAROS Online: Beacon of Transparency for the Green Building Movement
11/5/09 Where to Find Us at Greenbuild
10/22/09 The Coming Age of Radical Transparency
7/22/09 Did You Know...
7/8/09 Did You Know...
6/17/09 It Bears Repeating: PVC Elimination May Be the Most Significant Contribution You Can Make
5/21/09 HBN Authors New Report on Resilient Flooring and Chemical Hazards
5/6/09 Toxic Assets
4/22/09 Guilt By (Trade) Association: HBN Responds to the Formaldehyde Council
4/8/09 Did You Know...
4/1/09 Introducing Organic Vinyl
3/24/09 Did You Know...
3/4/09 Vinyl & Brain Cancer
2/4/09 New Hope for Scientific Integrity in the Green Building Movement
1/21/09 Something New for the New Year - Did You Know?
12/12/08 Growin' Up: The US Green Building Council at 15
11/17/08 Van Jones: Greenbuild Master Speaker On The Green Collar Economy
11/6/08 International Authorities Turn Up the Heat on Toxic Flame Retardants in Building Materials
10/23/08 LEED Revisions Would Leave Indigenous Peoples “Open to Exploitation”
10/9/08 LEED Revisions Would “Greatly Diminish” Forests Around the World
7/24/08 A New Healthcare Initiative Promises Leadership in Green Building
7/1/08 The "New Shower Curtain Smell" May Be Toxic to Your Health
5/15/08 Transforming Green Marketing: Forbo Flooring Systems
5/7/08 Read This Book
1/11/08 Certification Manipulation
12/19/07 Looking Forward to 2008
11/30/07 GREENBUILD 2007, FROM A to Z
10/25/07 Schwarzenegger Bans PVC Additive In Toys
10/11/07 The Transformation In Buying
9/27/07 Transforming Markets, or Transforming Marketing?
9/12/07 Blessed Unrest in the Green Building Movement
5/30/07 Formaldehyde & Kids: Sleep Well
5/11/07 LEEDing on Formaldehyde In California
4/24/07 Jason of Cascadia: Green Warrior
4/12/07 LEEDing With Precaution: Dr. Ted Schettler On Green Building & The Precautionary Principle
3/23/07 Investigation Finds PVC for Vinyl Flooring Killed Workers
3/9/07 USGBC: PVC Is Not a Healthy Building Material
2/23/07 Vinyl Institute Defends Lead In Children's Lunchboxes
2/2/07 Delivering On the Promise of Green Building
1/19/07 A Climate Change In The Green Building Movement
12/7/06 The Pharos Effect-Pass It On!
11/9/06 The Future of Materials Selection: Project Pharos
10/27/06 GreenSpec Says: "Avoid PVC"
10/11/06 Wall Street Journal: PVC Elimination Prominent In Green Hospitals
9/29/06 Green Chemistry at Greenbuild
9/13/06 Our Generation's Urban Renewal?
7/24/06 Glimpse The Future of Green Building: A Webinar On Healthy Hospitals
7/12/06 Reading Between The Lies: Deconstructing One Industry's Attack On LEED
6/29/06 The Label Game
6/14/06 That's LEEDership: California Targets Zero Formaldehyde
5/31/06 As USGBC Tackles Wood Issue, Are Any Forests Out of Bounds For Green Buildings?
5/17/06 Architect of the Environmental Justice Movement
4/27/06 The Great Debate Over Certified Wood: FSC, SFI, Green Globes and the USGBC
4/11/06 PVC Critic Publishes Groundbreaking Study On Molecular Evolution
3/24/06 Care About Forests? Don't Use The Green Globes Building Rating Tool
3/9/06 The New York Times On How (and why) to Build a Low-PVC, Reduced-Plastic, Polar-Bear-Sensitive House
2/24/06 Scotchgard™ and Stainmaster™: A Precautionary Tale for the Green Building Movement
2/7/06 PVC Softeners Used In Building Products Cited As Health Concern In Autos
1/23/06 Manufactured Housing: Blessing or Curse For Katrina Survivors?
1/5/06 Transitions In The Green Building World: Rick Maas & Nigel Howard
12/21/05 2005 In Review: The Year PVC Phase-Out Went Mainstream
11/17/05 GREENBUILD 2005: Perspectives from Tabletop 12
11/3/05 GREENBUILD 2005: Let The Good Times Roll
10/10/05 Andres Duany On Rebuilding After Hurricane Katrina: Part I - The Gulf Coast
9/21/05 Rick Fedrizzi, USGBC President, CEO & Founding Chairman Discusses Trade Associations and the USGBC
9/13/05 Katrina: In Black and White and Green
8/9/05 Green Building Movement Shows Its True Colors: Highlights From The AIA Sustainability Summit
7/19/05 Conflicts of Interest at the American Institute of Architects: Trade Associations Set The Greenwash Agenda
6/29/05 The Time Is Now To Mold A Sustainable Plastic Lumber Industry
6/17/05 Bad News For Babies: Research Links PVC Plasticizer To Genital Deformities
6/2/05 More Lies From The Vinyl Institute: Foiled Again By The Makers of BLUE VINYL
5/19/05 Dioxin, Lead, and Mercury Emissions Rise According to Latest EPA Toxics Release Data
5/4/05 NRDC Senior Scientist Jennifer Sass Talks About: Vinyl Chloride: A Case Study of Data Suppression and Misrepresentation
4/20/05 Imagine, Cancer Treatment Centers Built Without Carcinogens: Green Guide For Health Care Co-Director Robin Guenther, AIA
3/31/05 Interview: Michael Gorey, President of Firestone Building Products Company, Talks About "Making It Right," and Phasing Out PVC
3/22/05 New Study Finds Vinyl Plasticizers a Major Contaminant in Household Dust
3/10/05 Is There A Human Right To A Healthy Environment? Communities Near Louisiana Vinyl Plants File Historic Complaint With Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.
2/22/05 Sharing Perspectives With Rick Fedrizzi: President, CEO & Founding Chairman, US Green Building Council
2/7/05 A Conversation with Michael Braungart: On Science, Creativity, Pride & PVC
1/27/05 As Good As Mother's Milk: The US Green Building Movement
1/20/05 The World Turned Upside Down: The Australian Green Building Council Rewards PVC Reduction
1/10/05 Where Is The US Green Building Council LEEDing Us? Trade Associations Draw The Map
12/9/04 Will the Green Building Movement Go Organic? The USDA ORGANIC Label Provides Food for Thought
11/19/04 GREENBUILD 2004 FROM A to Z: Perspectives from Tabletop 14
11/1/04 Two Independent Critiques Of Vinyl Building Materials Link Flooring & Asthma, Reproductive Problems & PVC Combustion
10/15/04 The Healthy and High Performing School
9/30/04 Big News From BigToys: "Moral Responsibility To Children" Leads Playground Maker To Eliminate PVC Use
9/16/04 Life Cycle Analysis & Green Building: Credibility at The Crossroads
8/11/04 Building As If Breathing Mattered: PVC'S Contribution To Asthma
7/26/04 The Philosophy of Sustainable Design: A New Book Predicts An End To PVC Use
7/14/04 The Sounds Of Science: Thousands of Scientists Protest Manipulation In Environmental Policy Making
6/29/04 Message In A Bottle: Lessons for The Green Building Movement about the Myth of PVC Recycling
6/15/04 The New Summer Blockbuster: European PVC Lifecycle Analysis ~ The Prequel
6/1/04 Trade Associations: The Good News & The Same Old Story
5/17/04 Its Vinyl Burned, Armstrong Can Make Green Flooring Become A Reality
5/3/04 Fireballs in the Night Sky, Death by a Thousand Cuts
4/19/04 The Unbearable Lightness Of Being Green: Earth Day & Green Building 2004
4/5/04 Code Green: PVC Elimination May Be The Most Significant Contribution You Can Make to Homeland Security
3/22/04 Montreal, Kyoto, now Stockholm: International Treaty Calls for Use of Alternative Materials
3/7/04 Trade Associations are Interested in Green Building: And why you should be interested in them
2/25/04 Report from the USGBC PVC Hearing: Highlights, Observations and Surprises

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