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HBN’s independent and unbiased research is at the core of everything we do. Our research answers: What are our products made of? What does that mean for our health, our children’s health? What does that mean for people who live or work in the buildings we build and those who make and install the products we use? How do chemicals released as part of manufacturing affect our planet? By learning better, demanding better, and selecting better, we can ALL do better. HBN Research supports informed decision making for selecting products that contribute to a healthier world.

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Current Projects

Here are a few of our active projects. To discuss ways we can help you, please contact

Compound Group
Population in Pharos

Healthy Building Network’s research team have populated Pharos with over 600 compound groups. Subscribe to Pharos today to look up hazard data on 140,000+ chemicals for 22 hazard endpoints from over 80 authoritative data sources. You can also search for chemicals by function, and use comparison tools to find safer alternatives.

Wall Coverings

HBN is seeking interested parties to jointly participate in our second ever “crowd-funded” research project. Our pilot project, Chlorine Inventory Research, was met with accolades. This time, HBN will tackle the topic of Wallcoverings, establishing best practice guidelines that can be incorporated into product specifications. The research will include identifying wall covering types, market share, most commonly used content and their associated hazards. Subscribers get research updates and prepublication access to research findings.

This will be a valuable source of information for manufacturers, product specifiers and purchasers. For more information, please download the prospectus. The project will commence when it has been fully funded. Please contact us at for more information and to support this important research.

Transparency Pledge

The Homefree Transparency Campaign is a focused effort to build awareness around the lack of material content disclosure and need for transparency in the affordable housing sector. Its goal is to aggregate and empower the voice of the affordable housing sector to lead market transformation for healthier products at all price points. Read the pledge and sign on today!


Chemicals can have devastating health impacts at vanishingly small doses. Dr. Bruce Lanphear explains how our current system of laws and regulations falls short of safeguarding children’s health from toxic substances in products, such as: mercury released to the environment from wallboard factories, lead or PCBs in recycled flooring, and flame retardants banned from some uses, but not furniture and carpeting.


Transformation Targets move beyond restricted substances lists to address the most significant opportunities in transforming the built environment. By pinpointing a small number of chemical groups for any given product category, and outlining a framework to work toward fully disclosed and assessed alternatives, all stakeholders can focus on the best solutions for material health challenges: avoidance, substitution, or green chemistry.

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Latest Research

Chlorine & Building Materials Project:

Phase 2 Asia Including Worldwide Findings

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