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Informed Choices for Better Health

Healthy Building Network prides itself on independent and unbiased research. Our analysis of chemical hazards, industry trends, supply chain and market structures, and the health, social, and environmental impacts of product manufacture is widely respected for its depth and rigor. To discuss ways we can help you, please contact

Direct Research

Our research helps companies make informed decisions and select better products for homes, schools, offices, and hospitals. Our approach is systematic.

  1. Research common product content
  2. Understand hazards associated with common content and alternatives
  3. Consider manufacturing processes and end-of-life concerns
  4. Generate simple guidance and tools to help make product decisions

Example: Athletic Field Turf Research

Artificial turf is becoming a more popular playing field surface in place of natural grass turf. The materials used in artificial turf can introduce chemicals of concern in the surfaces where our children and athletes play and into surrounding communities.

This timely review will include a collection of the data available on common materials used in different athletic playing surfaces and their human and environmental health concerns. These data will be used to generate Common Product profiles that list the substances that are most commonly present in a given product type. The data will then be translated into a Product Hazard Spectrum for Athletic Playing Surfaces. These “stop-light charts” compare types of products relative to others in the same product category on a simplified spectrum. Products in the green categories are typically better options than those in the orange or red, and products in the yellow categories are generally less preferable than those at the top, but are better choices than those at the bottom. See, for example, the Flooring Products Hazard Spectrum.

Collaborative Research

HBN works with organizations or groups of stakeholders to jointly develop the goals, conduct the research, and publish the results. If you have a research project that could use our expertise and you share our values, vision, and mission, please reach out!

Example: Future Flooring

The HomeFree Future Flooring Working Group was established to promote healthier resilient flooring options, leading to accelerated market change. As part of this project we worked with a group of stakeholders to:

  • Generate baseline specification findings for flooring in affordable housing projects between 2012-2016
  • Define preferred performance, cost, and environmental/human health characteristics for resilient flooring
  • Gather flooring options and characteristics from six manufacturers
  • Launch demonstration projects to test different flooring options
  • Publish specification language for flooring that meets the HomeFree healthier material guidance including examples of specific products that meet the specifications.

Pharos Data Services

Now there are more ways to access chemical hazard data from Healthy Building Network’s Pharos Database!

  • Subscribe to Pharos with a Basic, Professional, or Enterprise account
  • Connect your company’s data system directly to live Pharos data via an Application Program Interface (API)
  • Generate custom Data Downloads from our system to power your internal chemicals management programs