Photo credit: Les Stone

Our Work

We pursue our mission on three programmatic fronts — independent research, powerful data tools, and capacity-building education — each of which is designed to provide actionable ideas and information that improve health for everyone. Within this framework, we employ five interrelated and mutually reinforcing strategies that together form a path to health.

Understanding the Problem

Chemicals can have devastating health impacts at vanishingly small doses. Dr. Bruce Lanphear explains how our current system of laws and regulations falls short of safeguarding children’s health from toxic substances in products, such as: mercury released to the environment from wallboard factories, lead or PCBs in recycled flooring, and flame retardants banned from some uses, but not furniture and carpeting.

Understanding the Solution - A Path to Health

Our Approach


HBN Research delivers cutting-edge analysis and proprietary reporting to identify harmful chemical ingredients to avoid. With matchless depth and rigor, our research team analyzes chemical hazards, industry and manufacturing trends, as well as the environmental and health impacts of products.


HBN offers educational opportunities to help all people know better. HomeFree is HBN’s flagship national initiative to support affordable housing leaders with education for the selection of healthier products. HomeFree provides simple tools and resources that create better health outcomes.

Data Tools

Pharos is a tool to help scientists, researchers, and product innovators discover problematic chemicals and collaborate to find safer alternatives. It is the most comprehensive, independent database of chemicals, polymers, metals, substances and their associated health hazards in the industry.